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OvisLink Call Center Headset

OvisLink specially designs call center headsets that connect to telephone headset jack directly, without using any adapter, battery nor power supply. To service user with premium HD voice quality and reduce all the electric and static noise, OvisLink makes different headset models base on the headset parts design of different telephone brands and models. From OvisLink headset product list, you can see there 6 headset models to match with different Polycom phone model; 4 headset models for Cisco phones; 4 headset models for Grandstream phones, 4 headset models for Siemens / Unify phones and different models for NEC, Nortel, all the popular telephone brands and models. All these headset models are different and give you superior sound quality when work with the specific telephone models.

Call Center headsets are mean to wear for long hours every working day. OvisLink headsets not only service you with clear, natural voice without noise, but also designed to be comfortable to wear all-day. OvisLink headsets have many advance features included Acoustic Shock Protection, noise cancellation, tangle-less headset cord, manageable and rotatable microphone, soft, leatherette ear cushion, lightweight...

Browse OvisLink compatible telephone brands to find the headset model that designed for your telephone.

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