OvisLink Single In Line Filter/Splitter


  • Compatible with ADSL and ADSL2+
  • Small compact design
  • Simple to install
  • Dimensions: 2.5"L x 1.8"W x 1"H
  • Color: Beige

The OV-023 is a splitter module that has been specifically designed to complement the functionality of low pass filter in POTS over ADSL application at CPE side. It integrate low pass filter that block the high frequency energy from reaching the POTS device and provide isolation from impedance effects of the POTS device on ADSL. It provides Line port, Phone port and Modem port.
For POTS voice band service, the low pass filter provide protection from ADSL signal which may impact through non-line or other effects remote devices (handset, fax, voice band modem etc.) and central office operation.
For ADSL signal, it also provide protection from the high frequency transient and impedance effect that occur during POTS operation (ringing transients, on-hook, off-hook transient and so on).
The circuit protection will be provided mostly by standard central office line protection means and additional protection measures built into pots splitter to protect against line overstress which could damage the splitter itself.

  • Splitter bandwidth DC to 3.4 KHz
  • Normal voice band 0.3 KHz to 3.4 KHz
  • Billing tone 12 KHz + 80 Hz
  • Ringing frequency 15.3 Hz to 68 Hz
  • ADSL band30 KHz to 1104 KHz
  • Line Impedance ZL 900 ohm
  • Modem impedance 100 ohm when 30 KHz < F < 1104 KHz
  • Normal signal of operation voltage voice band ----21m Vpp to 5.4 Vpp
  • DC voltage 0 V to 150 V
  • Max. AC voltage 150 Vrms with 105VDC offset
  • Loop Current voice band <100 mA
  • Transient current (on/off hook) <150 mA
  • DC Resistance <25 ohm
  • ADSL modem interface: Isolation voltage---- >2000 Vrms for 1 minute
  • ADSL band characteristic: Stop band attenuation >65 db when 30 KHz < f < 1104 KHz
  • Operation ambient temperature Indoor -5 oC ~ +45 oC (ETS 300 019, class 3.2)
  • Storage and transport ambient temperature -40 oC ~ +85oC (ETS 300 019, trsp class 2.3, strg class1.2)
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