OvisLink G.fast Splitter


  • Compatible with VDSL/G.fast Standard
  • Small compact design
  • Simple to install
  • Color: Beige

G.fast technology is the next generation of broadband service delivered over traditional copper networks, widening the spectrum to 106MHz, and 212MHz. G.fast offers a more cost effective roll out option than fiber by allowing the service provider to re-use valuable existing copper plant.
The SP-809 is a splitter module that has been specifically designed to complement the functionality of G.fast over VDSL application at CPE side. It provides Line port, Phone port and Modem port.
Features unique to the G.fast Splitter include the addition of secondary surge protection. This protects against lightning strikes and power crosses, reducing weather related failures and service calls. Secondly, the splitter offers additional protection of the equipment in the house reducing equipment failure due to surges.
The circuit protection will be provided mostly by standard central office line protection means and additional protection measures built into pots splitter to protect against line overstress which could damage the splitter itself.

  • Load Impedance 600Ω
  • Insertion loss 1000Hz ±0.3 dB
  • Insertion loss distortion 300Hz ~ 3.4KHz ±1.0 dB
  • PHONE return loss @300Hz ~ 500Hz >14 dB
  • PHONE return loss @500Hz ~ 2000Hz >18 dB
  • PHONE return loss @2000Hz ~ 3.4KHz >14 dB
  • Unbalance about earth @50Hz ~ 600Hz>40 dB
  • Unbalance about earth @600Hz ~ 3.4KHz>46 dB
  • Unbalance about earth @3.4KHz ~ 30KHz>40 dB
  • Unbalance about earth @30KHz ~ 1104KHz>45 dB
  • Unbalance about earth @1104KHz ~ 4.4MHz>30 dB
  • Delay distortion @500Hz ~ 2800Hz < 150uS
  • G.fast band attenuation @30kHz-138 kHz >45 dB
  • G.fast band attenuation @138 kHz-30 MHz >55 dB
  • G.fast band attenuation @30MHz to 106MHz >45 dB
  • G.fast band attenuation @106MHz to 212MHz >40 dB
  • G.fast band Insertion loss @300KHz ~ 30MHz < 1dB
  • G.fast band Insertion loss @30MHz ~ 212MHz < 5dB
  • DC resistance < 30Ω
  • Isolation between Tip to ring 100VDC >20MΩ
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