• Equipped with next-generation wireless video chipset for better performance and coverage
  • True beamforming 4x4 MIMO solution with whole-house rate and reach coverage
  • Effortless support for multiple HD and SD streaming in the home at high data rate and larger house coverage
  • IEEE 802.11ac standard compliant
  • Advanced carrier class home networking features for video distribution within the home
  • Full remote management with self-install capabilities
  • No subscriber home wiring required
  • Secure, reliable and easy to install

The ARRIS VAP3400 will strengthen your set-top portfolio by providing a wireless access bridge solution that delivers whole-home reach and coverage. Our next generation technology allows subscribers easy access to their video content regardless of walls, doors, or other physical structures that may exist. The VAP3400 enables service providers to change the way IPTV is deployed, with a cost-effective solution that delivers significant savings on installation costs and provides a significant differentiator against your competition. The VAP3400 has been built with key carrier-grade features in mind that enable operators to have a robust alternative to power line, coax, and other wired solutions enabling simultaneous HD and SD streams in the home. It is the ideal complementary home networking option, providing a secure, robust, and simple-to-use solution that does not exist in the market today. Each VAP adapter can behave as the Access Point or the Client, and provide either a single or dual Ethernet interface to handle the need for extra connectivity ports.

  • Wi-Fi VideoBridge
  • Wirelesslyconnectsset-topsthroughoutthe home
  • Easy to use, easy to install
  • Reliable andSecure
  • Whole-home rate & reach coverage
  • Effortless support formultiple HD and SD streaming in the home
  • 802.11ac Standardbase compliant
  • True beamforming 4x4 solution
  • 4 Antennas Enable X-Y-Z Polarization Diversity
  • Support multiple configuration density - 1 or 2 RJ45 Ethernet ports
  • Supports “Gigabit” Ethernet
  • Supports TR-069 with remote firmware upgrade and diagnostics capabilities
  • WPA2 and WPA security encryption methods are supported
  • Auto Detection capabilities of Device Mode (AP/ STA)
  • Multiple concurrent HD and SD streaming support
  • Full HD 4k resolution support on any/all screens in the home
  • High performance solution designed for in-home convergence
  • First 4x4 MIMO 802.11ac solution with explicit dynamic digital beamforming
  • Operates in the 5GHz frequency band to separate Data and Video applications
  • Supports Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) snooping
  • Supports for 802.11e WMM QoS and 802.1p and 802.1q
  • Security: WPA2/WPA/AES
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
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